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So the amnesia is necessary to enable you to be here, to give you an incentive for being here, to give you a chance to be here. Otherwise, you go from a place of complete security and complete relationship to a place of complete insecurity and a place where relationships are very difficult to establish and maintain. You come from a place where you do not have a physical body, at least not in the firm form that you experience now, to a place where you have to take care of this physical vehicle in all of its many needs and problems. So you pass through a state of amnesia. You come into the world.

Here you are. And your identity begins to form from day one. You are given a name. Your body is identified as having certain characteristics, which are either desirable or undesirable to others.

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You are given roles and functions within your family. You are educated in your schools. If your culture is religious in its focus, you are given the teachings of religion.

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And by the time you are a young adult, well, you have been fully conditioned to fit in with whatever your culture expects of you. But of course people do not fit in, and their real nature cannot be harnessed. It cannot be recreated completely. And so there is a wild part of you—a part that is beyond the dictates of family, culture and religion; a part that people fear and often try to indulge in, in destructive ways.

That is because your true nature cannot be shaped to meet your current requirements and expectations completely. And that is because Knowledge lives within you, because Knowledge is your true nature, a nature created by God, a nature that is part of God, that is connected to God, that is responsive to God. You can choose whether you want to be religious or spiritually oriented in the world, but you cannot choose the true nature that exists within you.

You can choose to experience it or not, but you cannot choose whether it exists or not. It is so fortunate for you that this is true. If you could really separate yourself from God, well, then Hell and tragedy would be forever real. But you cannot ultimately separate yourself from God. And so Hell must be temporary. Whatever manifestations Hell takes within your physical realm and beyond your physical realm, then it is temporary. If you think you are in Hell because God is angry at you, well, that does not make any sense at all.

Why would God be angry with you when God knows the mistakes you are going to make? When God has sent you into such a compromised situation, the likelihood of your committing serious mistakes is inevitable and overwhelming in an environment where real purity is so rare as to be beyond the reach and expectation of others. You can claim that through grace, God can dissolve all error for those God chooses. But this does not make sense because you must choose.

You must take this journey. You must fulfill your destiny here. It is natural to do that. God made you a giver. Of course, people try to imagine God as being a projection of themselves, just better and more powerful, but still given to anger and resentment and vengeance; still weak like themselves; still petty like themselves; still egotistical like themselves.

They cannot imagine a God who does not have these things. And they want their imagined God to punish others whom they themselves cannot stand, whom they see being unjustly treated or rewarded in the world. They will be sent to Hell. It is hard for them to see that it is they themselves who are in Hell and want to send others into a deeper Hell.

Where would religion in the world be today without a notion of Hell, a place of punishment? What would motivate good behavior in people? What would create social order? What would establish higher ethics if there were not a form of punishment, and that the source of this punishment should come from some God?

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People seem to need to have the sword over their head to behave correctly because they are not connected to Knowledge, which would naturally guide them to think and act in constructive ways. Without Knowledge, they need some kind of overlord to threaten and to force them into good behavior. And they need to have rewards for their good behavior, rewards in this world and rewards beyond this world. Now Hell, beyond your current existence, takes very, very cruel demonstrations—fiery pits and demons, torture and agony and all these kinds of things.

And certainly there are worse and more contracted forms of Separation than what you currently experience. And indeed there are people walking around you that are in deeper states of Hell than you are. And even beyond the physical, there are deeper states of Hell.

Where is Heaven? Where is Hell? What Does the Bible Say?

Those represent states when someone leaves their physical vehicle, [but] they cannot return to their Spiritual Family because they have too much shame; they have too much hostility; they are too conflicted. Some of these discarnate beings are still connected to the physical reality, haunting certain places, being stuck, being attached.

Through grievance and shame and attachment, they cannot seem to let go of this place, even though they have lost their physical vehicle. They are stuck in a kind of limbo. But even this is temporary, for eventually Knowledge within them will free them, and they will find a way to work their way out of their predicament. Then there are Hells of people who are in states of such self-condemnation that they are frozen in a kind of deeper reality. But even this reality is temporary, for eventually everyone will return to God. But in time, this is tragic, for suffering is tragic.

And suffering that is sustained is really tragic.

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But it is temporary. Eventually, the Separation will cease, Knowledge will emerge, and the individual will begin a path of reclamation under the direction of Knowledge, with the guidance and the assistance that God will make available. There are, of course, people who will disagree with this because they will claim there must be Hell and there must be punishment and there must be justice. They think they know what justice is. They are the arbiters of justice. It is their notion of justice that they think that God must follow.

The unrighteous must be denied Heaven. This just represents their conflicted state. This represents their own state of Separation. Lost now in the physical reality, they imagine what God is and what God will do and what God does to the wicked and to the non-believers. And so they themselves are part of the problem, you see.


But God has placed Knowledge within them as well, and Knowledge is not deceived by these beliefs and these expectations, these demands and these admonitions. Your return to God may be beyond human comprehension, but the Plan of God makes it inevitable. And God has placed Knowledge within you and everyone else to make the return inevitable. So the focus of your life now, then, is not to continue to reinforce beliefs in Heavens and Hells.

It is not to project upon God the role of the great punisher, the judge who sends those to prison and exonerates others. That is what you do, but that is not what God does. God has sent you into a difficult situation and has placed Knowledge within you to enable you to serve that situation and to give you a way back. It is like entering a deep cave where the light of day is completely left behind, and you are in this labyrinth somewhere, and you are sent down there to help others who are lost in the labyrinth, and you yourself seem to be lost in the labyrinth, except that God has placed a little rope attached to you—an endless kind of rope that no matter how many turns you take, no matter how deep you get into that labyrinth, no matter how much you forget the light of day, well, there is still a lifeline to you.

You may be lost, but you are not lost to God. So the emphasis now is to build your relationship with Knowledge.


It is to establish a connection with Knowledge, which represents your spiritual and eternal nature. If you do things that are wrong, well it is because you are violating your nature. And that is why you feel bad, and that is why you feel uncomfortable.

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And the more you violate your nature, the more it seems to recede within you, and you become out of relationship with your nature. As is the case with your relationship with others, if you are out of relationship for too long, there is a kind of an approach avoidance. You are afraid now to reconnect. It is difficult. It is embarrassing. You become resistant to relationship, and this is reinforced by all kinds of notions about yourself and other people, but it is kind of a resistance that arises out of Separation.

This even happens with your true nature. You become resistant to experiencing it.

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You close your eyes for a few minutes and you feel the resistance.