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See here for a list of titles included. From the library of the American Antiquarian Society, this collection of more than 1, periodicals represents the Jacksonian Democracy era in history and is broad in scope including agriculture, entertainment, history, literary criticism, and politics. From the library of the American Antiquarian Society, this collection of more than 2, periodicals includes contemporary coverage from the era of the Second Great Awakening, the early temperance movement, and the abolitionist movement.

From the library of the American Antiquarian Society, this collection of more than 1, periodicals focuses on the Civil War and a diverse record of the continuance of daily life for many Americans—both leading up to and during the war. From the library of the American Antiquarian Society, this collection of more than 2, periodicals covers all aspects of American life from the Reconstruction through the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era.

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Testimonies captured in The HistoryMakers Collection interviews are conducted in homes and offices across the United States and abroad. Singleton and James R. Giese "Imagine having ready access in your classroom to millions of primary sources related to American history.

Most have social studies value. Frederick Risinger Stop worrying about those dumb--and even hateful--sites on the Internet.

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  7. They can be grist for the mill in helping students to develop their critical thinking skills. Rose and Henry F. Winterfeldt Helping preservice teachers understand the potential of technology generated a lot of excitement in this learning community. Thomas, Martin M. Mason and Edwin R. Creative, too. An online journal may be just the thing for connecting you to the latest, greatest ideas for social studies classrooms.

    America Rock uses interactive games to teach history, geography, and civics to students in grades three through eight. The Start Is as Important as the Finish: Establishing a Foundation for Study of the Holocaust Samuel Totten Discovering what kind of knowledge base students bring to study of the Holocaust can help overcome misperceptions and increase understanding of this complex and tragic event. Team-Teaching AP History and English David Traill, with the assistance of David Harvey The challenges posed by moving to a 4x4 block schedule caused these teachers to join forces and create a combined syllabus for teaching AP history and English at both the junior and senior levels.

    Looking at the Law Teaching About the Death Penalty John Paul Ryan and John Michael Eden Opening discussion of the death penalty may cause students to reconsider their deeply felt, but often unexamined, convictions on this vital legal and moral issue. Mayer History in the classroom is most compelling when the inquiry process builds upon strong grounding in the narrative of human events.

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    Schamel Why does the Philippines celebrate its independence on a different day from when the U. The answer lies in the different perspective from which Filipinos view what Teddy Roosevelt called the "splendid little war" of Fred Risinger has some answers.

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    Vinson Stating our commitment to character education and civic virtue is but a first step in considering how social studies professionals should teach the meaning of citizenship. From Behaviorist to Constructivist Teaching Geoffrey Scheurman This introduction to constructivism examines four hypothetical teacher roles based on different views of knowledge and matching methods for teaching social studies. Newmann Establishing criteria for authentic intellectual achievement helps students learn in constructivist classrooms—and others too.

    Yell The use of active teaching strategies makes study of the "Iceman" a process of discovery for students in this seventh grade world studies class. Assessment in a Social Constructivist Classroom Janet Alleman and Jere Brophy Three curriculum goals—understanding, appreciation, and life application-lie at the core of constructivist teaching and should guide methods of assessment.

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    What Would You Do? History Alive! Six Powerful Constructivist Strategies Bert Bower and Jim Lobdell The cognitive benefits of allowing students to construct knowledge of the past are illustrated in this presentation of six dynamic teaching strategies based on multiple intelligence theory. Resources for Constructivist Teaching Michael M. Yell and Geoffrey Scheurman This annotated list includes books that illustrate active teaching strategies as well as more general works on the philosophical underpinnings of constructivism.

    Classroom Management in a Social Studies Learning Community Jere Brophy and Janet Alleman The potential of active teaching strategies to increase student learning is enhanced or undercut by the management principles in use in a classroom. Teaching with Documents President Harry S. The Human Face of Immigration: A Literary Approach Dennis Banks In the face of today's largely negative debate over immigration, reading stories about immigrants can help students understand that-while the faces and the ethnic backgrounds may change-people's reasons for wanting to come to America remain fairly constant.

    Teaching United States History Thematically Mary Connor A thematic approach can generate excitement about recurrent issues in American history as students journey not once, but many times, from past to present in the course of a year's study. Lettow Using children's literature to present life stories can reinforce young children's understanding of life span and how goals formed in childhood may help determine an individual's future.

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    Doppen, and David Middleton Four types of questions based on "historical thinking" and applied to a book by Walter Dean Myers form the core of a middle school course on African American history at the University of Florida's K Developmental Research School. Flashback: Comparing Two Approaches to Teaching World History Joseph Khazzaka A study compares the effects of two methods of teaching-by flashback or through a chronological approach-on student learning about the Persian Gulf region and student attitudes toward world history.

    Frederick Risinger From "Thomas"-with its up-to-date summaries of bills moving through Congress-to RealCom's links to political interest groups of every stripe, the World Wide Web has much to offer in citizenship education; the question for teachers and students is how best to make use of it. Martin Pedersen Although his own ballads describe the cowboy as a workingman with long hours and hard chores, this realistic image gave way to the modern gun-toting prairie superman.

    Using the Geographic Perspective to Enrich History Sarah Bednarz Geography is more than the backdrop for history; it can add a rich dimension to the study of the past. White The power of modern communications technology to shape our lives is a reflection of what we have become: a visual society. Braun, jr.

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    This description of the Internet focuses on why the computer network began, where it may be going, and how it can be used for historical research. Sembor Two Connecticut schools try out videoconferencing technology to increase understanding among students of different races. The results are encouraging. Rose and Phyllis M. Fernlund These guidelines will help teachers to chart the right directions and make the most effective use of the new electronic technologies. Here are some useful websites for standards-related instruction. Wilson This virtual tour of Philadelphia may be only the beginning of your students' historical ventures in cyberspace.

    Traditional Rule-Making and the Subversion of Citizenship Education David Schimmel School rules should be treated as part of the civic education of students and developed collaboratively. Empowering Immigrant Students through Democratic Dialogues Michael Pezone and Alan Singer When dialogue replaces debate, students feel more comfortable expressing their opinions, and are more open to the viewpoints of others.

    Getting a Grip on Geography Kristin M. Roberts A new teacher facing the challenge of a geography class engages students with a "hands-on" approach to puzzling out the world's continents. Developing Democratic Citizens for Emerging Democracies in Africa Nelly Ukpokodu The attempt to institute democractic education in many African nations takes place against a backdrop of authoritarian models-both colonial and traditional. Schug, Richard D. Western and Larry G. Enochs Public choice theory suggests that teachers use textbooks when they judge their costs and benefits to be more attractive than those of other teaching methods.

    Grant The "reform" of the New York State social studies curriculum may be read as a casualty of the current history "wars" or-worse yet-as a missed opportunity. Book Reviews. History Making and the Plains Indians Jennifer Truran Rothwell The power possessed by images makes it all the more important to understand their historical contexts.

    Thornton The value of having students "do" history themselves gains support from both research and the classroom findings of teachers. Barton There is a better way to handle history in the elementary years than the abrupt transition from a "holiday" curriculum to an over-emphasis on political institutions.

    Mapping the Terrain of Historical Significance Peter Seixas How students view history is influenced by personal and social factors that lie beyond the purview of teacher or textbook. Epstein History presented from only one perspective may obscure other agents of change and defeat the purposes of multicultural education. Making Time for Women's History When Your Survey Course is Already Filled to Overflowing Margaret Smith Crocco Viewing women's history in terms of five phases of curricular re-vision may help teachers better integrate the subject into U.

    Can More Be Less? VanSledright Classroom observation supports the view that less-when structured around powerful ideas-can be more in teaching history. Groth and Maria Albert The arts are academic Little Windows to the Past Amy Thompson Leigh and Tina Ossege Reynolds Helping children connect with their own past provides a concrete foundation on which to build historical understanding.

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    Levstik How shall we determine what collective memory our democracy requires when there is no such thing as just the facts in history? Brown Who are the Nacirema and why is their culture so magic-ridden?

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    Articles Bringing Beijing Home Patrick The voluntary associations that constitute civil society provide an important bulwark for democracy. Recent Elections in Former Soviet Bloc Countries The success of democracy in three former Soviet bloc nations hinges not least on past history.

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    The Russian Election of Ben A. Soley Building Civic Education in Bosnia Three American teachers reflect on what they learned from their Bosnian colleagues in a workshop on educating for democracy. Would I Return? In a Heartbeat! Soley Global education succeeds when it convinces students they can act to make the world a better place.