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And they are boring. The writing style, something that King used to experiment with, has become so predictable that I literally wait for the events that I know will come. For instance In this book, there are lots of witness interviews pertaining to the crime.

Hey, would you like to hide this kind of warning in the future?

We have a range of people, from a 9 year old girl and her mom , to a mids I'm guessing Ex-con, ex-addict are you ever really an ex at that though? And every single one of them sound exactly the same. The way of being so attentively helpful as to come across as almost cringeingly servile.

I'm not in trouble, am I? ALL of them. Even the kid. Exactly the same. Or, another for instance Inevitably, there will be introductions between characters, and regardless of how many times these people interact, it ALWAYS starts out formally, and then one of them will instruct the other to "Call me Bill" or whatever their name is, repeat 3 or 4 times over a few chapters, and then FINALLY we can move on once everyone is on the same page about Bill being Bill. At least until we shift perspectives to another character New Character Is New, and doesn't know Bill. So of course they will address him formally as Mr.

LastName until Bill makes the appropriate bureaucratic request for New Character to adopt a casual acquaintance first name basis, signed, presented to the appropriate department in triplicate, and gotten the submission receipt as well as their parking validated. Even in the most intense scenes Speaking of the big baddie, and things being boring as fuck This latest one was defeated with a few impotence jibes and a weighted sock.

I wish I was joking. When I started this review, I was fairly confident that I would be giving this book a decent 3 star rating. But the more I think about it, the more I don't see that happening.

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I mean, there are some really interesting themes that COULD have been explored and built upon and fleshed out - like the nature of humans to disassociate themselves from people different from them, regardless of how long they've known the person, based on any accusation of being different.

The tendency of fear, mainly the fear of POTENTIAL for harm or danger, to cause the ranks to close, the accused to be shunned, if not attacked or killed, simply on the basis of accusation and fear. The breakdown of rule of law could have been explored. Mob mentality. The easy corruption of friendly minds to fearful foe who feels entirely and completely justified in acting decisively in what they would call self defense, or frontier justice, or just plain vengeance It's mentioned, touched upon, and used as a convenient plot conveyor belt, But that's all.

A device to move the story from point A to point B. In truth, this story feels hollow. King's last years worth of books have felt this way to me, in varying degrees. The ideas are there in these books, but the substance is not. Except Mr. That book was just absolute fucking shit from the first word and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. As such, I just need to get this out of my system Now, generously presented in this one. And lest you, review reader, if you're still with me at this point of my ragerant, think that I'm just carrying a grudge against Mr.

But, ALSO here. I'm not being unfair to The Outsider because I'm still feeling some kind of way about Fat shaming of Bill Hodges! HA HA!

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It was cancer. Fuck you and your assumptions.


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Fat shaming others! The poor murder victim's mother was described as being 50 pounds overweight, with "fat arms" and "considerable stomach", and literally died covered in lasagna. Remember those middle fingers from above? This situation seems like a good time to do so. Because, from the way that he writes about weight, it's like he expects for anyone who weighs more than lbs to just drop dead immediately when the scale tips over from the to the Yes, Stephen. There are fat people, and it's generally unhealthy For fuck's sake That said, let's move on to the casual sexism! Should be fun. Me either.

And yeah, I went to Bad Punville. Sue me. This book contains all of the old stand-bys. Women as domestic fairies - complete with all of the caretaking that you'd expect. OH, you're having people over.

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That's what the wimmin is good for. Sure, we see a man cook, but he does it badly. Always breaks the egg yolks. You failure. Sure, we see a man go to the grocery store And "her" coupons, which the man is chided by another man about Hope you didn't forget them. The ol' ball and chain will have your head if you forgot that 20 cent off coupon for Charmin. Don't fuck with it. We see women clutching their husbands when they are frightened. We see ONE token female police officer And we see that woman reject and downplay their grudging acknowledgement of her.

Because everything she knows, she learned from a man - even how to live. Fuck off with that noise. This book Still not as bad as Absolute Shit The only thing it was missing was Mr. Jive Talkin' Jerome. I don't know if I would have made it through had he been in the book too, honestly.

I might have set my fucking kindle on fire. I really had hoped that this book was going to be a return to great characters, great storytelling, great STORY. But it wasn't anywhere close to those things. Never once did I feel concerned about what would happen or who it would happen to. The title gives it away that the main suspect is innocent, right from the start.

I knew he would have to die That would have been more exciting than what we got. It's better. But marginally. I can't think of anything that I liked, other than the potential of the story. Too bad. This really could have been something. Edit to add this, which I commented on my friend Kemper's review , and then decided, screw it, I'm tacking it on to mine. Here we go: I took a shitton of rage notes on my kindle about [the technology in this book feeling like it was written by someone completely out of touch], but then forgot to include any of them in my review because it was like 2 am and I was too pissed off to even care.

No the fuck she doesn't. She uses Google Maps like everyone else.

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Also, Trivago which is a meta aggregation site that searches all of the major online booking companies for you, finds the best deals, and then links you to where the deal is from so you can book it. This is literally my industry. King would have us believe that Holly is savvy enough to use TRIVAGO for her search rather than just using a search engine to find the restaurant and then what the hotels are around it So many issues with this.

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Trivago has a very basic search. You enter the city, and your dates. That's it, then you can narrow down by amenities, star rating, neighborhood.