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The Basics of the Cost of Capital

Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books. Cost of capital which is used as a financial standard plays a crucial role in capital budgeting decisions. It is the discount rate applied for evaluating the desirability of investment projects. An investment project can be accepted if it has a positive net present value.

Besides, financial decisions taken by the management of a firm are appropriately evaluated using the weighted average cost of capital. The cost of capital influences debt policy of a firm. While designing the proportion of debt and equity in the capital structure, a firm aims at minimizing the overall cost of capital.

Average cost of capital

The cost of capital is widely used in deciding about the method of financing at any particular point of time. It plays an important role in dividend decision.

Cost of capital is one of the important metrics which decides the amount of investment in current assets. In investing, the cost of capital is the variation between an investment that you make and one that you could have made - but didn't. The opportunity cost is the difference between any profit actually earned, and the profit that could have been earned. In business, the goal with the cost of capital is to improve on the rate of return that might have been generated by steering the amount of money into a separate investment, and with the same amount of risk.

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After all, companies count on the cost of capital to be the return rate it earns on business-related investment projects, in order to maximize opportunities to attract investors, and to stay profitable and competitive in its marketplace. Calculating the cost of capital means taking the total costs of debt, common stock and preferred stock and using separate calculations for each of those three components.

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Ultimately, you'll need to combine all three calculations to figure out the total cost of capital on a weighted average basis. Paying off debt versus investing the money is a common problem for U.

Here's how to handle it. The company remains "disciplined in our spending," the CEO said in a statement.

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    Cost of equity from common shares is hard to determine because there are no stated terms of payment in the notes to the financial statements. One quick way to estimate this cost is to take the cost of debt and add a mark-up for the risk of common equity ownership. Industry averages are used as a guide. Find out more in our glossary.