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The Clock might turn out to be one of the great train movies. Sometimes the time is just glimpsed in the background of a shot, irrelevant to the action and sometimes the time gives a sharp stab or poke to the dialogue: particularly with scenes in which time is running out. The Clock is, unexpectedly, quite a sensual, sexy film, in that the late morning stretch features plenty of shots of people in bed, waking up, embracing and then realising that these are forbidden pleasures — forbidden by the clock.

Is that the time? There are droll shots of sundials in period movies. There is an ambiguous moment from Easy Rider in which Peter Fonda looks at his watch showing am and throws it away. It appears to have stopped. So is that the time in the film?

Has it just stopped that moment? Marclay even shows the "Alas poor Yorick" scene from Olivier's Hamlet. Where was the time going to be mentioned? Just before the end of the clip, a distant bell tolls the quarter-hour. Later clips show pm, pm. So is Shakespeare's clock fast? And is there textual evidence that this is the time?

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For me, the weirdest effect of The Clock is that the time references became fictional — I stopped noticing that they were telling me exactly what the time actually was. They became a series of numbers which ordered the mosaic of moods and moments. And then, slowly but surely, I stopped noticing the time entirely. I just drank it in, just accepted the juxtapositions. He recalls: "Suddenly on the screen there appears a clock set in the centre of the kind of sumptuous salon that epoch, and Feuillade, alone had a taste for; it shows pm.

One of us automatically consults his watch: to the second. For an instant our present, across the ruins of several decades, has rejoined that of an afternoon in the s. I wonder if Marclay actually uses the pm moment from Judex — can anyone tell me?

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I walked out of The Clock, on to the bleached-white concrete walkway on the South Bank, and saw the clock on the Shell Building on the other side of the Thames. It's five to one. You can see the time on that clock in this shot. Or will they? They are not guaranteed accurate like the ones in Christian Marclay's installation. Here are five reasons why. Watching The Clock is a trance-like experience, almost hallucinogenic; you're liable to see things that aren't there.

The Clock took three years to compile. Marclay and his team of six assistants searched through hours and hours of film footage to find references to the time. Marclay painstakingly knitted clips together to form one film. Watching The Clock , you will see time displayed through sundials, hourglasses, grandfather clocks, pocket watches, blinking microwave LEDs - and the list goes on. The Clock is an entirely immersive experience. You become absorbed by the different ways that the time is represented in film.


In watching The Clock , you are watching time, rather than thinking about how little of it you have left. In the fast-paced society we live in today, that is quite a luxury. The Clock suggests there is a pattern of behaviour in how we spend our time.

Curator: Rachel Kent

Unconsciously many of us do the same things at particular moments in the day. Many people wake up, travel to work and go to bed at the same time. Marclay seems to be commenting on how we are connected through these shared moments. There is no one single narrative though. The final artwork contains around 12, moments from different films. The Clock tells the story of humanity rather than a series of characters.

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We might try and find a linear plot, but it is impossible. Time links each of the clips.

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The story is the story of time and how it progresses throughout the day. Marclay has always been interested in the relationship between sound and image. He started out in the underground music scenes in Boston and New York in the late s. The original idea for The Clock came when he was editing his video score Screen Play , a collage of film clips overlaid with graphic animations which live musicians responded to.

When editing The Clock , Marclay had to think of how the audio could transition smoothly into the next clip. Using the pre-existing sounds in the clips, he wove them together to essentially create a new score. Watching The Clock the viewer is transported by the soundscape of the piece.