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Teach Us Daddy by MisplacedObject reviews Carlisle walks in on Jasper and Edward just about to do it, and he doesn't like what he sees, so decides to show the boys his way of having fun.. There is no plot to this at all Charlie's little girl by bellasaslut reviews One night Bella catches Charlie.

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What happens? Contains incest. Our Life by Smithy reviews Charlie forces Bella to start a new type of life with him.

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Contains Incest! However, Hermione is tired of Draco's player ways and decides to invite Harry over as a guest to make Draco jealous. Not for kids. Dont like, dont read. Rated M for obvious reasons. Right was. When faced with a tough decision she realizes maybe she was wrong. Written as a prequel for a GKM prompt.

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  • Warnings are Incest, DubCon, Voyeurism. Yes, it's incest, so if it's not your thing please scroll past. No Plot. March 12th by marie reviews March 12th of every year, the Cullen family had a tradition. Behind the Mask by SourCandyLuv reviews Draco knows that Angelina Johnson is using a polyjuice potion and is determined to find out which girl is so desperate to hide behind a mask just to spend time with him.

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    He secretly hopes it might be a certain bookworm but it couldn't be No Plot, just fun. Warning with the author's note inside. No plot at all. Sexy Threesome. Warning: Really dirty smut. Let's get it on. Addicted To You by Blondezilla90 reviews Rachel is with Brody, but is he able to give her what Finn always was able to?

    A few minor spoilers. Horny Bella by Laaza reviews Bella is horny and finds Charlie in a compromising situation! What's a girl to do? Don't read! Dirty Charlie by Trashy girl reviews Charlie, the manwhore of Forks has noticed the hot body of his daughter's girlfriend Alice. Four really close friends, so close that anything could happen. Thank You Ginny by scarlett-love13 reviews What happens when Ginny comes home after spending time with friends at a bar, and finds her dad drunk?

    His Words on Her Lips by 27vampyresinhermind reviews Working together was the last thing either of them wanted to do. For the sake of the music though, they had to make it work. Rated M. She's forgotten who she really is. She will be really surprised when some very unlikely friends show her just how very special Rachel Berry is, just the way she is. I own nothing but the laptop I wrote this on. Rated Mature for a reason. Chance Meetings by chelssizzle reviews Hermione never would have given Draco a chance had it not been for Scorpius and their Chance Meetings. Mondays by chelssizzle reviews Mondays are not Hermione's favorite day of the week, and this Monday is exceptionally challenging starting with the flu, Draco Malfoy and an unexpected diagnosis from the Healers.

    Brittany helps Rachel undress, turning Mike on unknowingly. Smut and open endings. Where is stinky dog? My little girl shouldn't take care of matters by herself. I have vampire hearings after all. Puckerman is called while Puck lies in the hospital. A reunion that results in shocking revelations, surprising revelations and a completely new family.

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    Come To My Window by Finchelislove reviews Santana had always made Rachel nervous, but after a while that nervousness turned to an awkward friendship which then turned into an undeniable bond. Rachel loved Santana with everything she was but then Santana started dating Finn.

    Rated - R Erotic One - Shots | 18+

    Charlie's house by twilighthotty reviews After Bella's arrival, her dad reaveals his lifestyle to her. Rated M for incest and strong sexual content. I Get Off by cindysark reviews Puck learns that sometimes, when you step outside your box, awesome things can happen.

    Especially when it's Rachel doing the stepping. Pure Smuckleberry with a side of plot. The Wildcat Purrs by Laurielove reviews Hermione is caught trespassing in the Potions classroom late one night by two wizards who decide to teach her a lesson. An 'Against the Wall' fic. M readers only.

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    • Not for the faint-hearted. Rachel is a vocal coach to the budding starlets. What happens when Noah's daughter sees potential for something more? Call it Chemistry by Jen reviews Finn and Quinn are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right time depending on who you ask.

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      Warning inside. Just lots of Also vaguely Christmassy, so this feels appropriate. Promises, Promises by dodger17 reviews Shelby Corcoran knows she keeps making the same mistake In the Name of Research by Shadowkitty22 reviews An attempt at research turns into an interesting afternoon for this group of friends that nobody really saw coming. He had to see her and show her just how much he had missed her, over and over again.

      He would never see this garage in quite the same way again.


      Bella Goes to Jail by hot under the collar reviews Bella goes to visit her friend, Emmett in jail and gets more than she expected. To the Twelfth by 27vampyresinhermind reviews When Puck figured out that he wanted to date Rachel again, he knew it wouldn't be easy. But he knew it'd be worth it. Features Puckleberry, Pezberry friendship. M rating for a reason. P: Quinn wants to show Rachel that she can do it better She has Finn watch her ravish Rachel. Not rough sex, but passionate, ravishing sex. Finn gets hard and ruins his pants. With Faberry Frienship and Fuinn romance.

      Just some lemony one-shots. Basically PWP. No incest-Phil is her stepdad, not her dad! MA for pure smut, please don't read if you're under 18! If ya don't like, don't read! The Boy in the Hammock by galfoy reviews Hermione tugged at the string holding the hood onto the boy's head, gingerly pulling the fabric back to reveal his face.

      Lying before her, barely recognizable beyond the swelling and the blood, but still very much himself, was Draco Malfoy. AU one-shot.

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      Certain Attractions Never Go Away by allkindsofwonderful reviews They both accept each other for exactly who they are.