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Annotated form, Anthony Velonis, who created this poster for Macbeth , was hired in to work on the Poster Project and soon started printing with silk screening, a process he initiated, to increase poster production. It is largely due to his influence that the silk screen process has attained a secure place in fine art printmaking.

Anthony Velonis b. Silkscreen, This talent contest program introduced many well-known performers during its run. A young Beverly Sills, then aged ten, won the competition with a powerful delivery of a Mozart aria in Beverly Sills b. Gift of Joseph Brown, The naturalistic style delivered a message that shocked the nation and exposed the exploited masses of the Depression Era.

Steinbeck was instrumental in changing laws to benefit the working classes. For this and subsequent novels, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in John Steinbeck — Typescript for The Grapes of Wrath with copy-editing marks, Gift of Frank J.

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Hogan, 61A. Having trained in Minneapolis and New York, she became the first woman awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to paint. In , while working for the Omaha Public Works of Art Project, she learned lithography, from grinding the stones to cranking the press.

Elizabeth Olds — Tuberculosis Tests for Children , Gift of Ben and Beatrice Goldstein John Steuart Curry, along with other American Regionalist artists, presented visions of America that found beauty and dignity in the lives of ordinary citizens. This concern was shared by Farm Security Administration photographers, who set out document the Depression, and in the process created indelible images which often blurred the lines between art, and information.

John Steuart Curry — Edition The defeated figure portrayed in No Work depicts the rawness of life during the Depression. In she joined the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration, earning enough money to maintain her studio on Fourteenth Street, an area where many radicals congregated. The print is part of an important collection of images that addressed a broad spectrum of American social and political issues from to Blanche Grambs, b.

No Work , Gift of Ben and Beatrice Goldstein Foundation, Ben Shahn — Our Friend. Lithographic poster. The Bonus Army, some 15, to 20, World War I veterans from across the country, marched on the Capitol in June to request early payment of cash bonuses due to them in The Great Depression had destroyed the economy, leaving many veterans jobless. Six futile weeks of lobbying Congress raised government fears of riots, and on July 28, cavalry, infantry, tank troops and a mounted machine gun squadron commanded by General Douglas MacArthur and Major Dwight Eisenhower dispersed veterans and their families with bayonets and tear gas.

Public opinion denounced President Herbert Hoover for the resulting bloodshed and helped force him from office. Theodor Horydczak ca. Veterans Bonus March, Washington, July Gelatin silver photographs 58F. Gift of Norma and Francis Reeves, Digital ID ppmsca It bears the influence both of modern abstraction and of the Harlem-based New Negro Movement, which encouraged African-American creativity driven by its own innate identity and unconstrained by Western traditions. William Henry Johnson — Off to War.

William Lloyd Garrison

Silkscreen, ca. Gift of the Harmon Foundation, ca. In addition to holding the most extensive radio broadcast collection in the country nearly three-quarters of a million recordings , the Library of Congress offers researchers unparalleled print documentation of the medium. The NBC Radio Collection at the Library includes hundreds of thousands of scripts, business correspondence, bound press releases, and programming documentation. Other NBC documentation now at the Library outlines nearly every program heard over the network throughout World War II, including the debates which preceded our entry into the war.

Described in detail, for example, are programs aired in devoted to the Fight for Freedom Committee, which promoted intervention and aid to Britain, as well as programs devoted to the isolationist America First Committee. Recordings of more than half of these programs are also in the collections of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress.

NBC Program Book.

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Annotated typescript, December 7, ; Microphone, ca. The song was an immediate sensation; the sheet music was in great demand. These materials document not only the speed with which Berlin revised this song, but also his attention to detail. Irving Berlin — Gift of the Berlin Family, Copyright , by Irving Berlin. Copyright renewed , by Irving Berlin. Copyright assigned to Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr. International copyright secured. All rights reserved.

Gift of the Berlin family, December 28, Gift of the Berlin Family At the conference Churchill delivered some unwelcome news. He told Stalin that Western military planners had concluded that an Anglo-American invasion of Europe that year was military folly. By that time German forces had taken much of the western Soviet Union and held Leningrad under siege. In it Stalin deplored the decision and argued that British and American forces were capable of invading Europe in In an attempt to break the joint British-American stance, Stalin also worded the memo to imply that the decision was a British one.

Churchill, however, spoke for the United States as well as his own country in this decision.

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This memo illustrates the sometimes difficult nature of the American-Soviet alliance during the war. Joseph Stalin — Aide memoire in Russian, August 13, Mixed media on paper on board, General Dwight D. Eisenhower did not announce the Allied landings on the coast of France until a. As the last edition of the day, this a. Ninth Air Force plane, providing one of the first eyewitness accounts of the airborne invasion. New York Times , June 6, Though untrained in its use, Miller also manned an antiaircraft machine gun, downing several Japanese planes before being ordered to abandon the sinking ship.

The Demotic Voice in Contemporary British Fiction

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U. Ansel Adams — Gift of the photographer, Tessaku was a magazine mimeographed in a relocation camp located in a remote and desolate part of northern California, a few miles from the Oregon border. While many of the camps had community newspapers, internees also published magazines. Only nine issues of Tessaku , appearing sporadically, were printed.

Issue no. Such ephemera, intended for a short life-span, are valuable for their ability to convey the texture of life in the camps and offer unique evidence for researchers. Tessaku [Barbed Wire]. Page 2. Asian Division, Library of Congress. Page 3. Asian Division. Government transfer, General George Patton, one of the U. This photograph from shows him pictured in the front row, with helmet, second from left as commander of the U. George S.

Patton — Page from photographic album. Gift of the Patton family, In early , Bill Mauldin was a young private in the 45th Division when he moved with his fellow troops into Camp Barkeley near Abilene, Texas. Serving as a staff cartoonist, Mauldin had a talent for portraying his fellow soldiers that won him a Pulitzer Prize in Mauldin became a political cartoonist, expressing his opinions on the editorial pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Chicago Sun-Times from to and winning a second Pulitzer prize for cartooning in In , Bill Mauldin gave the Library more than 1, original cartoon drawings that date from to along with his papers.

Bill Mauldin b. Star Spangled Banter. The 45th is moving into its new temporary we hope field camp in the cornfields of Camp Barkeley. Ink and crayon over pencil on layered paper, Published in the 45th Division News. Gift of Bill Mauldin, 68A. The group was commanded by Colonel Benjamin O. Davis, Jr, who later became the first three-star general in the Air Corps. The Tuskegee Airmen flew more than missions and never lost a bomber to enemy aircraft.

Toni Frissell — Gelatin silver print, March Using dynamic forms, color, and composition, Mexican caricaturist Miguel Covarrubias evokes an atmosphere of wartime drama. Miguel Covarrubias — Gouache on paper board. This sequence of photos was taken six miles from the first nuclear bomb explosion site. The blinding fireball awed all who witnessed it. As Los Alamos director J.

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Nuclear explosion, Trinity Test Site. New Mexico, July 16, Gelatin silver prints. Transfer from the Atomic Energy.