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There is the Lady in Yellow feisty Melanie Brezill , a girl from the projects who playfully recounts her deflowering after high school graduation. And there is the Lady in Orange Alexis J. Roston , who gives her heart but only gets stood up in return.

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There is the Lady in Purple Leah Casey, a beautiful dancer who also has choreographed the show with great skill , who embraces her Creole roots and talks about embodying the spirit of her namesake, Sechita, the Egyptian goddess. And there is the Lady in Brown the elegant Patrese D. And then there is the Lady in Red the invariably powerhouse actress AnJi White , who brilliantly recounts the harrowing story of how her murderous husband abused her and used their two innocent young children as hostages.

And together with the other women in the cast she drives this angry, yearning, relentlessly soul-baring work to life. It would be difficult to imagine a finer tribute to her work than this Court Theatre production.

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One final note: A variety of community events held in conjunction with this production are scheduled during April. Ellis Ave. Running time is 90 minutes with no intermission. More from Hedy Weiss :. Sign up for our morning newsletter to get all of our stories delivered to your mailbox each weekday. View the discussion thread.

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A tighter edit would push it up this ranking. The Colorado Kid. According to King and we believe him that was the whole point, but while we give him credit for the artistic ambition, it renders the book frustrating. Cycle of the Werewolf. Each chapter in this illustrated novel is a self-contained story that links with all the others to form the narrative. A truly underrated novel, and one of the few full-length novels King wrote that has absolutely zero supernatural or horror ingredients.

There is some great stuff in this novel, centered on the widow of a brilliant novelist as she reflects on their relationship and private and unique language while dealing with the emergence of repressed memories and the very real threat of a super-fan stalker who goes from threatening to violent. The Running Man. An early novel published under the Bachman pseudonym, The Running Man depicts a dystopia centered on an insane gameshow—this time having the contestant hunted by professional assassins on live television.

Court’s Soul-Baring Revival of ‘For Colored Girls’ Finds New Power in Classic Work

Under the Dome. Of the two, we rank Desperation much higher: the tight, claustrophobic atmosphere of its premise—people traveling a lonely highway are pulled over and kidnapped by a possessed police officer and imprisoned—is a creepy and effective. End of Watch. The final book in the Mr.

Mercedes trilogy nudges the story into the supernatural, as the serial killer Mr. Mercedes has acquired some limited mental abilities that allow him to manipulate people and objects from his coma-like state.


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While Mr. The Dark Half. Some of the best stories have very simple concepts.

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And his dark half is doing terrible things. The Outsider. His 50th novel is a good one, bolstered by his effortless characterization and world-building as he tells the story of small town Detective Ralph Anderson, who in the opening scenes arrests a popular little league coach named Terry Maitland for the horrifying murder of an year old boy by Ralph Anderson.

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What starts as a mystery slow-burns into a classic King horror joint, spun up with some seriously surreal violence. Black House.

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Jack retains his rare ability to flip between universes, and must reluctantly take on the task of saving not just his own, but all of them. He creates an experiment in order to communicate with the afterlife—and comes to the awful realization that the afterlife is a hell in which enormous, ancient monsters enslave and torture all humans, no matter what kind of lives they led.

Sleeping Beauties. Co-written with his son Owen, this novel supports a high-concept premise women begin falling into a supernatural-like sleep, becoming cocooned in a gauzy material, and react violently to attempts to wake them with a rock-solidly realistic world to support it. Tapping into the excruciating pain of being gross and unpopular in high school, King transforms adolescent rage into a universally horrifying experience.

Needful Things. The genius comes in the levels of helplessness King explores, ranging from the helpless sense of being trapped in a relationship, to the helplessness experienced by victims of child abuse, to the literal helplessness of being tied to a bed in a remote, deserted location. Another Bachman Book, the premise for this thriller is so sharp and simple you can sum it up in one elevator pitch-ready sentence: a selfish, overweight man kills a gypsy woman and escapes justice, but is cursed by her father to grow ever thinner, no matter how much he eats.

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As the man steadily loses weight, his desperation grows to frightening levels. The richness of this plot, full of dark symbolism for modern-day America, remains powerful—and the blackly comic ending still packs a punch. One, Insomnia is inextricably linked to The Dark Tower series, and could even be regarded as an essential part of it, in a sense—it features the first mention of the Crimson King, in fact. The Long Walk. The Long Walk , another one of the infamous Bachman Books, was The Hunger Games before The Hunger Games , except reduced to its most brutal basics—a group of young people are forced to walk until all but one of them is dead.

It remains a surprisingly effective dystopian thriller. The Eyes of the Dragon.

In this fantasy, King shows that he can craft a devious plot using any tropes at hand, and displays the same sort of worldbuilding prowess that has made The Dark Tower books so powerful. The Talisman. Another transporting fantasy entry. Co-written with Peter Straub, this story of parallel universes, which can be traversed if your twin in the other universe has died, centers on 12 year-old Jack. This one gets overlooked even by long-time fans, but a reread will remind you of its unadorned storytelling genius.

Pet Sematary. What would you do to bring something—or someone—back? King asks that question and then offers a story that could have been kind of silly, but makes it absolutely terrifying when the magical titular spot does indeed bring the dead back to life—except different. The Green Mile. King is the consummate artist who respects what came before and builds on it.

Tied to the Kennedy Assassination still one of the most seismic events in U. The Stand. The sheer scope of The Stand meant it was either going to be a tremendous success or a messy failure; not only does King offer up dozens of characters and settings, he tells an apocalyptic tale that starts off as a plague story and transforms into a biblical battle between good and evil.