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It's not that everything in a story needs to fit together perfectly, but some parts of the plot are linked rather tenuously, and the denouement feels rushed and Laurie R.

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After her last harrowing case Kate is more than ready for routine police work and a newfound serenity with her longtime lover, Lee, and their circle of close friends. Until one night when her pager summons her to a scene of carefully executed murder. Half-hidden in a clump of bushes lies a well-muscled corpse, handcuffed and strangled, a stun gun's faint burn on his chest and candy in his pocket.

The only person who might have wanted airport baggage handler James Larsen dead, it seems, is the wife he repeatedly abused--who recently left him for a women's shelter. But her alibi is airtight, her physique frail, and her attitude less than vengeful. Kate and her partner, Al Hawkin, are stumped.

Then a second body turns up--also zapped, cuffed, strangled It is that of Matthew Banderas, a software salesman convicted of one rape, suspected of many more. That was Al, I assume? She nodded, hesitated, and kissed Lee briefly on the cheek. She stepped away carefully, looking down to be sure she didn't knock into Lee's cuffed crutches, and walked around the arranged folding chairs to congratulate Mina's adoptive parents.

When she had read that phrase, Kate had wondered to herself if the reporter really meant that Roz was hot. She was, in fact, one of the most unconsciously sexy women Kate knew. Kate hadn't seen Roz in a couple of weeks, but she knew just looking at her, the way she gestured and leaned toward her audience, the way her laugh came and her eyes flashed, that Roz was involved in some passionate quest or other: She seemed to have grown a couple of inches and lost ten years, a look Kate had seen her wear often enough.

Roz threw one arm around the school principal and laughed with honest self-deprecation, and while Kate waited to get a word in, she studied the side of that animated face with the slightly uncomfortable affection a person invariably feels toward someone in whose debt she is and always will be, an ever-so-slightly servile discomfort that in Kate's case was magnified by the knowledge that her own lover had once slept with this woman.

She liked Roz how could she not? Roz's partner, Maj Freiling, stood slightly to one side, taking all this in while she spoke with a woman Kate vaguely remembered having met at one of their parties. Most people who knew Roz assumed that her quiet partner was a nonentity whose job was to keep house, to produce brilliant meals at the drop of Roz's hat, and to laugh politely at Roz's jokes.

Most people were wrong. Just because Maj spoke little did not mean she had nothing to say. She was the holder of several degrees in an area of brain research so arcane only half a dozen people in San Francisco had ever heard of it, and they in turn were not of the sort to be found in Roz's company of politicians and reformers. It seemed to Kate a case of complete incompatibility leading to a rock-solid marriage, just one more thing she didn't understand about Roz Hall.

Kate looked from one woman to the other, and gave up on the attempt to reach Roz. Maj smiled at Kate in complicity as Kate approached. Kate found herself grinning in return as she reached out to squeeze Maj's arm. Be sure to tell Mina she was the best monkey I've ever seen.


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USD 8. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Night Work Kate and her partner, Al Hawkin, are called to a scene of carefully executed murder: the victim is a muscular man, handcuffed and strangled, a stun gun's faint burn on his chest and candy in his pocket. About the Author.

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Laurie R. Show More. Table of Contents.

Average Review. Write a Review. I love King's Mary Russell books but this is the first Kate Martinelli book I have tackled and I am pretty sure that it is going to be the last. Perhaps it will improve further into the book but I will need to be desperate for something to read before I find out.


Kate Martinelli, the police dtective is someone I need to get to know better. King manages to create a sense of sympathy with the criminal by virtue of the unsavoriness of the victims. In that sense, I think that makes the reader more aware of the emotional paradoxes that police deal with on a regular basis. Kate and Lee's relationship is more on the back burner this time around, and the myth of the goddess Kali is seriously scary in the hands of Ms.

Gripping beginning - indian goddess. Interesting twists. Kinda disturbing when you think how defenseless those women are The Martinelli series is set in modern-day San Francisco, and she's a police homicide detective who also happens to be a lesbian in a committed relationship. Like Mary Russell, she's a very strong, very feminist character.

Night Work by Laurie R. King | Waterstones

King's pretty good with plot and setting too. But I think what I like most about her books is that she always brings in some religious or mythical aspect that makes me want to go off and learn more. In this one, there's quite a lot about Kali and goddess worship. Interesting stuff. I've got the newest Russell book here on the TBR pile, thank goodness, because this book whetted my appetite for more King. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Boring. I keep records of my ratings so as to visit the authors with at least a B rating on prior readings.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago. So as soon as I finished the first book I had to get the next book then the next. Now that I have finished the series I have read the other books I bought. I guess I could start reading the other series.

Night Work (The New Kate Martinelli Novel)

I particulary enjoyed the book "To Play the Fool" 2 in the series. It was very interesting and original. As with her other books, King likes to provide a good bit of intellectual stimulation for both her detective Kate and the reader. I enjoyed the discussion of the Fool and the background information on the warrior goddess Kali, etc. Sometimes, though, I think the intellectual background threatens to take over the fast-moving plot.

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  • I like her writing style--competent without being flashy, and I like her characters.