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She was two and a half, and all that seemed wrong with her at first was a bad cough.

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Tragically, her illness was diagnosed as croup. She appeared to be getting better, but when Jason went into her room a few hours later, she was cold — and he knew instantly she was dead. Losing Maude altered everything for the couple. In one sense, after a loss this huge, work seems trivial. But in another sense, it becomes more important. And he has.

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Then came W1A , the BBC self-spoof, in which he plays director of strategic governance Simon Harwood; and two movies in the successful Nativity series. But he was less established in — and Clara, an actor as well as a jewellery designer, was, like him, freelance.

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Riley helped found the Association, and served as the secretary from to Municipal election. Reilly court case resulting from the disputed election. Judge Travis and Simon John Clarke case.

The newspaper's editor, Mr. Cayley, was imprisoned and fined for contempt of court for articles criticising Judge Travis.

Daniel M. James Sproule. Historical sketches. Rogers, Andrew Sibbald, Howard E.

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Sibbald, and J. Harry Turner.

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Maunsell memoirs. Frank Lawrence. John Finnegan. Sam Livingston.

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Dick Brown. Notes regarding scalps. The notes are related to the contents of Fred Bagley's diary. Renewal of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Pioneers biographies. Old Timers' Reunion. Harold Riley's speeches, broadcasts, and historical writings. Includes the manuscript for his unpublished history of Alberta.

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Lecture series. Riley used lantern slides to illustrate his talks. Molasses story. Includes Riley's typescript, a newspaper clipping about the talk, and photographs of Riley and the store. All chapters are handwritten except chapters one and ten. Talks on pioneer days in Alberta. Canadian Cattlemen magazine articles. Harold Riley in the military and during First World War. Harold Riley and the first Alberta government.

First World War views. Early Calgary. Kootenai Brown. John "Scotty" Ormiston.

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Arrival of Jubilee train to Calgary. Pioneer trainmen event. Cotterell manager of the CPR , for Calgary train pioneers, including Jack Fidler, the locomotive engineer on the first train to arrive in Calgary in Lantern slides. There is an inventory of the lantern slides, and some of the lantern slides have been scanned. View lantern slide inventory. View lantern slides.

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In Maude Abbott's application to study medicine at her undergraduate alma mater, McGill University, was rejected, because school policy barred women until Instead she earned her doctor of medicine degree from Bishop's Medical College of Montreal, Canada, and later earned worldwide recognition for her research on heart disease.

The heart disease classification system she developed became the standard reference guide and was useful in the development of many innovations in cardiology, such as the operation to cure "blue baby syndrome," developed by Helen Taussig, M. Born Maude Babin in St. Andrew's East, Quebec, Maude Abbott was abandoned by her father and orphaned at seven months of age when her mother died of tuberculosis.

Her maternal grandmother, Mrs. William Abbott, adopted her and her surname was changed to Abbott. With the encouragement of Dr. William Osler, a physician who taught at McGill, Abbott launched a public campaign to offer medical courses for women at the university. Though her cause was supported in the public press, it went unfulfilled at McGill.