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He remains in San Remo for twenty years. Starts studying agronomy at the University of Turin, where his father was professor of Tropical Agriculture. During the German occupation, Calvino joins the Italian Resistance and fights the Germans in the Ligurian mountains as a member of the Garibaldi Brigades.

Calvino was later to write that it was during this time that he came to know the art of story-telling, when the partisans would recount their latest escapades over the campfire. After the liberation, he settles in Turin where he studies Literature at the University.

Graduates from the University with a thesis on Joseph Conrad. He collaborates on the weekly Il Politecnico directed by Elio Vittorini and on the newspaper L'Unita and joins the editorial staff of the publishing house Einaudi. Here he meets Cesare Pavese and Vittorini, two neo-realist writers who share literary ideas with Calvino and introduce him to Leftist politics. It is the story of a boy from the slums who joins the partisans. It is published in and sells 6, copies, an unusually high number at that time. That same year he wins the Premio Riccione.

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Later, Calvino describes Path as "the book of a very young man. Also, either the translator or the publishers of the first English edition also altered or removed certain passages considered unsuitable for the sexual and political climate of the s. To read the version revised by Calvino, as well as Calvino's revealing preface, see The Path to the Spiders' Nests , published in by Ecco Press. To better understand the author's voice at the time of the novel's writing, read the first English or American editions or, better yet, the Einaudi edition.

He leaves Einaudi to work full-time on the staff at L'Unita. He begins to collaborate on the communist weekly Rinascita. Ultimo viene il corvo - stories subsequently published in Difficult Loves In January he rejoins Einaudi as an editor. Einaudi publishes a new collection entitled La Piccola Biblioteca Scientifica-Letteraria and Calvino is responsible for the literary volumes.

On the 27th of August Cesare Pavese commits suicide. During the s Calvino is collecting folk tales from all over Italy. From studying Propp's Morphology of the Folktale , he becomes particularly interested in the shape and functions of the story. Finishes a realistic tale, I giovanni del Po , which he will publish a few years later in the magazine Officina. In the summer he completes Il Visconte Dimezzato. He travels to the Soviet Union.

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His journal entries and correspondence from this trip is published in L'Unita between February and March of and earns him the Premio Saint-Vincent. On the 25th of October his father passes away. Calvino inaugurates a new literary style, between the fable and the fantastic. In the final months of this year he also publishes the first stories that will form Marcovaldo. L'entrate in Guerra , three stories about his memories of war. He begins to undertake the project that will lead to the Italian Folktales, a selection and transcription of some two-hundred folktales.

He colleborates on the Maxist weekly, Il Contemporaneo. Fiabe Italiane , Italian Folktales, is published and extremely well-received. Calvino leaves the Communist Party. He announces his departure in a letter which is published on the 7th of August in L'Unita "my decision to resign as a member of the party is founded on the fact that my discrepancies with those of the party have become an obstacle to whatever form of political participation I could undertake. Wins Viareggio Prize. I racconti - stories subsequently published in Difficult Loves Collaborates on the magazine Passato e Presente and on the weekly Italia Domani.

Wins Bagutta Prize. I Nostri Antenati - a triptych of his fantastic novels.

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In September his tale Allez-hop is presented at the Fenice de Venecia. The city creates quite an impression on Calvino "From the other side of the Atlantic, I feel a part of that majority of Italians who go to North America with such ease. When for the first time I returned as an adult to the United States, I had a grant from the Ford Foundation which allowed me to wander throughout all of the United States without any obligation whatsoever. My city is New York".

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La Giornata di Uno Scrutatore The Watcher, - a short novel which marks the end of his neo-realist period. Marcovaldo Wins Veillon Prize. On the 19th of February, in Havana, he marries "Chichita" Singer: "Throughout my life I have met women of great strength. I could never live without a woman at my side.

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