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The Nobel Assembly based at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which made the announcement early on the morning of Oct. The winners of the prize—William Kaelin Jr.

Judge Kevin Barry: ‘It’s both poignant and very funny, emotional yet sardonic’

Want to understand why their work is important? Take a deep breath, and get ready to dive in. Every one of your trillions of cells—and really, all animal cells everywhere on the planet—use oxygen from the air to turn food into usable energy. Red blood cells ferry oxygen to each tissue, where cells let in just enough to carry out a precise amount of work.

The resemblance is here, all round the eye sockets. Like your eyes, ours are egg-timers silently atick. Whatever happens him is out of our hands. Ourselves, we need this air. Coming up for.

Mother gives a stricken look. Mother roots up her sleeves for a Kleenex. If there was a way to have that nasal passage expanded the way you can take a pair of leather shoes to a cobbler and have them stretched. It would make her life that much more tolerable. But insurance might call it cosmetic.

Any fixing to do with the head is a luxury in this country. Including this even?


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God forgive us, and Portia, acting peculiar. Would she ever spare us the blaspheming. Cormac cracks all his knuckles in one go like the surprise last popcorn kernels when you take the bag from the microwave. She needs the hope of a grandchild. Let her have that forgodssake, Porsh. Yil change your mind yet.

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Good wide hips on you. And what other excuse have you for the Ford Galaxy? He smelled of incense. An unexpected morning smell. Gentle approach too. Do you and your father have much in common, would you say? Daft question. Any shared hobbies?

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Portia looks softly at her mother. I was just saying not to worry now. Do you need a tissue? I can get some from the loo. Then checks to see if Emer had read her sexist thought. Shrink is Yiddish for psychiatrist. If this is real leather, it needs breaking in. How long now? Would he want lunch immediately when he gets out?

Cormac could drive down to the junction. There was a Mocha Beans beside the Spar. He could get them all something to go.

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  • Emer might go softer on her father if she had sugar in her system. Lemon pound cake with the drizzle.

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    It would pass the time. Questions have a way of sticking in her throat. Answers, too. She recalls being asked if she and Norman had shared hobbies. The simplicity of it. Things they liked to do? Dr Sharma had made a joke about children being an unrelaxing pastime but her own mind was racing over what would be suitable, knowing it was her chance to be honest, so she finally said accounting was something they did together and reached into her bag for her diary.

    The doctor had looked encouraging. Only that she felt responsible to give the symptoms. So she described the nightly reckoning. He admires efficiency, fiscal prudence and accountability. The print was very small and Dr Sharma had had to put glasses on to read it. She glowed at being complimented on her vision, because her hearing was very poor and she suggested it was compensatory. The doctor said it could be. Then he read entries aloud at random. Rosary, strip bedsheets … 1—2 p. Difficulty parking. What are we up to now? What are we up to, in hours billable?

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    The children had always put the fervent note-taking down to her self-described sieve of a brain. A noise emits from her throat now as she remembers the coloured load of washing sat in the machine since yesterday. Stop panting. Emer looks bemused. Where would she have put the mini screwdriver that came with? This is how we wither. Emer says so.