Manual Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing From Grief and Loss

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I have been doing a lot of praying and I have noticed lately that I see a dragon fly almost everyday in my back yard. This to me was a sign of luck and that things would be ok. Today I was at lunch with coworkers and we were sitting outside eating.

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I felt something in my hair and I brushed it with my fingers and when I looked down, a dragon fly had fallen out of my hair and onto the chair next to me. I thought I had hurt it I slid it into a napkin and placed it on the table and it just sat there. I touched it with my finger and it flew off. Is that a sign of good luck or bad luck because I may have injured it? I think it is definitely good luck, Brenda!

In the spiritual world genuine intentions, how you use your energy, are all that count. So you can hold the energy of that good sign in your heart! I have been going through a very rough patch in my life and my engagement 3 months almost to the big day… has been called off due to infidelity.

I just really hope that this means I need to look up and just keep hoping for a brighter and less painful future. I just walked outside to warm up a bit on this cool day in June. I noticed weird little shadows on the ground.

When I looked up I noticed at least 10 dragonflies maybe more — hard to count lol flying about 8 foot up in the air. There is no water on the property so I thought that weird. They were just flying and swooping.. I know dragonflies are symbolic of change.

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As I was getting out of my car at home today something fell lightly on to my head and then to the ground. I thought it was a blue jay feather, then realized as I looked closer it was a dead dragonfly. Do you know if I should be aware that something may be about to happen? I wonder if this could be a sign of something. I have never seen one as large or colored that way since these incidents that spanned a 3 yr period.. I left work to drive home, and this enormous dragonfly was hovering near my car. I got in an proceeded to drive the approx. W The dragon fly flew right beside my drivers window for the entire drive.

I exited my car when i reached my apt. I entered the bldg and went upstairs to my 2nd floor apt. I noticed the same huge gold dragon fly hovering right outside my only window. This follow home and hover at my window routine went on for a couple weeks. I definitely feel there was a msg here, but i never figured it out. I saw golden dragonfly too this summer. It appeared as I was feeling quite depressed. So beautiful. Good Day! I just wanna ask something.. Today, I have seen a pair green dragonflies mating together while I hanging wet clothes outside in our house. I currently have a big green and blue dragonfly sitting on my hand dying, i was sat on my balcony and it flew near me and i knew it was dying because this has happened to me before.

Just wondering what this means? I walked into a room and all these ultra blue dragon flies flew into the room and were all over me, i went into another room and called my husband who is deceased and said Babe do you see all these dragon flies? Nice to get a visit form a loved one ,, there was no danger with dragon flies they are a symbol of regeneration, your allowing yourself to slowly move on and that good , your x was showing you he will always be there watching over you..


Guide Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing From Grief and Loss

The dream which was not a dream in the sense that he paid you a visit ,, that was real. The message was as I said above ,,. Thank you for the confirmation, it really is comforting to know my deceased husband is still with me, and to have finally had a dream of him is a comfort on its own, I love Dragon Flies , and butterflies were one of my husbands and my favorites. This afternoon a dragonfly flew into my car as I got in the car.

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I got to my destination and stepped out of the car to get some groceries. I had wound down the car window so it could escape. However when I got back after 10 minutes it was dead on the windscreen. What is this supposed to mean? A bad sign? I am a bit worried after seeing this. But not one that will hurt terribly.

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Let me explain. Well one day I was walking through the parking garage to my car and I found an enormous dragonfly that had been ran over. Two or three hours later is when I got into a huge fight through text with my boyfriend who I was certain I was going to marry, but not that certain if you know what I mean. And we broke up for good. And I never heard from him again. It was a change in my life, that I felt needed to happen. And we all know dragonflies represent change.

So this may signify something you may not have wanted to ever change, will change or leave your life. But it will be for the best, and just might not hurt that much. Back in we buried my dad. When we were leaving the cemetery, two dragonflys kept trying to get into the car that my sister and I were in.

What does that mean? Why were they trying so hard to get in the car? Hi, I had a Sky Blue Dragon Fly sit on my hand for a few minutes yesterday…I had just brought home my 2 aging poodles from the vets. They both had surgery and were not in the best shape at the time.. They are ok this morning… Was the Dragon Fly telling me they will be ok or was it a message from my Dad letting me know all is going to be ok in my life? Thank You in advance for any reply.. Cheers Enid.

The dragonfly was telling you they were going to heal and do well. In this instance the dragon fly was giving you a message that they were going to heal well.

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So, I tried to search what does it mean and then I found your site. Is my first thought correct or it has a message for me that need to know? Your first thought is correct honey.. At first, in the spring of , I spotted a big beautiful black and yellow dragonfly on my wooden front door. I was so intrigued, that I took a picture of it on my cell phone. After that, it seems that everywhere I go parking lots, places where I park my car, at work and at play I have seen sightings at least a dozen or more times.

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It seems that no matter where I go, I feel the presence of this rainbowey creature always lurking around just to make me smile. These past four years have been truly a test to my husband , me and my family. We keep the faith that things will work out and that God is in control.