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With their words, Geldof and Ure unintentionally lay bare the pandering, self-righteous and elitist attitudes that many in the U. In the song, Africa is treated as a scorched and long-suffering monolith, rather than the ecologically, politically and culturally diverse multination continent that it actually is.

Do Teens Know Their Grandparent's Favorite Songs? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

Rather, political scholars and historians widely agree that the famine was primarily a human-induced event stemming from decades of violent civil conflict. The entire song is really just a horrifying example of the type of fundamentally pointless, feel-good charity work that inflates the self-worth of those participating while simultaneously doing precious little to facilitate meaningful change.

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Add episode. They were not asking if the people suffering know about this holiday called Christmas, but asking if they can truly feel it. I was mostly miserable back then. I think that was the year my father gave me and my siblings cash in envelopes for Christmas. Or maybe it was the year we received gold chains and nugget rings.

Only Fucked Up Could Save "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

I believed we had a responsibility to one another, even the people halfway around the world, and we ought to do something about it, whether that was volunteering your time and talents to sing on a record or spending a few dollars to buy that record. But forking over a few bucks to support the efforts of some of my favorite bands to save the world was much cooler.

Twelve is an impressionable age. No offense to my alma mater, but they understand; I hosted a benefit concert or two when I was there.

I believed then, and I still believe. Maybe not in benefit singles, which are mostly tepid affairs, but in the power of a bunch of people using their time and talents and money to help create change. I am a sucker for charity walks and runs and bike rides and dining out for a good cause.


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I believe we can do this. Some wish for a white Christmas; others lament a blue Christmas. Plenty just want you for Christmas. They are all a bit self-absorbed. By the time we get to the end of the song, the guilt trip is over, and it is all pure directive. And I thank God for it. I very much enjoyed this article.

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First, because "O Holy Night" is also my favorite religious Christmas carol. Unlike the good author, although I was "cool" in terms of going to occasional popular rock concerts, I never gave to a worthwhile charity to feed the hungry in Ethiopia.

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However, in my small way donating clothes to a Catholic homeless shelter for men, and dropping change into Salvation Army kettles each time I went to the mall I believe I gave to people in need. I agree that it's wrong to assume that people in all African nations are beset by poverty and extreme hunger.

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However, I didn't realize that there's evidence from some studies that nearly half of the continent's people are Christians.