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We are sector and model agnostic, but we invest in companies that can scale exponentially and take a huge market fast. Technology not necessarily pure tech! However, a few validations before investing are always helpful.


Are the founders full-time on the business? Have the business hypothesis been tested? Has the startup made its first hirings? Also, we love data so we will probably ask you to send us some info on your business - it will be easier for us to validate your convictions on the market or the business model with them. Fundraising is a core competency of a good VC backed founder.

If we are investing in you, it is because we believe you will be able to scale your startup and continue on the VC growth track. Being able to communicate fluently in English makes a difference here. Great founding teams : venture capital is a people business.

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Our main job as investors at least the way we see it at Canary is not to be the smartest ones in the room, but to know a talented entrepreneur when we see one. What makes a great founding team? Just check the next FAQ. BIG markets. We look for startups that can grow at least x within the years fund lifetime.

If your market opportunity or future vision is not big enough to accommodate that, it might be an issue for us. Healthy cap table.

Founders should keep ownership of their companies and avoid excessive dilution at an early stage. Too much dilution might be an issue for us. These are the most important things we learned over our years as investors and entrepreneurs when it comes to founding teams:. Founder-market-fit : if you are going to spend the next years fighting for your business to succeed, you need to line up extremely well with the upcoming market challenges. This matters a lot, more than the business idea itself, and should be as important to the founders as it is to investors.

A founder with a good market fit will feel more empathetic towards customers, more thoughtful about the market dynamics and will probably be more resilient throughout the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

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Obsession : we need to see grit. We need to see hustle. They understand early in their journey this path comes with a lot of sacrifices and they are prepared to trade the short term for the long term. We are looking for obsessed founders who are willing to go as far as it takes, rather than great ideas that are in fashion.

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Selling the dream : as a startup founder, you are selling your dream to a lot of people, all the time. This is true for recruiting, investors, when giving interviews to the press, selling your solution to customers and motivating your team. We learned from the best founders that execution is what makes a business successful, not the idea behind it and an NDA aims to preserve an idea.

Also, imagine how much time it will take simply between the back and forth between lawyers until all NDA clauses are good to both sides. Now, multiply that by the dozens of startups we talk to every month It would take way too much time and money. We would rather spend those talking to founders, organizing events, strengthening our network and helping our companies take off. BTW : if you think you need an NDA before pitching your idea, we encourage you to read this article and think a little more about it.

It is worth knowing that we only invest in offshore structures LLC, Cayman, etc. A and LTDAs. No worries, we can help you set these up in no time and at a reasonable cost ;-. We take pride in being an operator fund, founded by entrepreneurs and managed for entrepreneurs, so we know how investors can add unnecessary stress to the already demanding life of a startup. Founders should be laser-focused on their business, not their investors. Besides that,we believe founders always know best. So we trust them. We want you to do your thing and ask for help whenever you need, knowing all along that we are always ready to help, in a low-touch but highly impactful manner.

Network : Our network is our most important asset.

Canary Channel

We have access not only to the best tech founders in Brazil, but also to several key people across industries and sectors that can make a difference in your journey. Connections include possible customers and future investors more on these items below , suppliers, business partners, game-change talent, market experts, etc. We are all about using our network to help our founders succeed, especially when it is a win-win type of connection.

Corporate Connections : We are quite close to some of the leading companies in Brazil, in sectors such as retail, banking, education, beverages, media, real estate, healthcare and others. Many of the owners and key decision makers of these companies are also our investors so they are also quite incentivized to help out ;-. Funding : We can help you raise your next round in many ways. We have valuable data on the market and subsequent rounds, as well as how other VCs work and what they look for in a company, and we can share this knowledge with you. We can also introduce you to other VC firms, although we highly recommend that you get in front of the investors you think might be a good fit for through another startup founder that these funds have already invested with.

In our experience, an entrepreneur recommending another entrepreneur is something very powerful and typically what works best. Hiring : we team up with the best universities in Brazil and in the U.

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Besides that, a lot of experienced professionals reach out to us in search of positions. Knowledge : we organize plenty of events for founders and their teams during the year. Instead, we are all about generating excellent and useful content for entrepreneurs and we are lucky to have a great network that can help us with that. The prevalence of minifundios , or small landholdings, has hindered the mechanization of agriculture on some of the islands.

The tourist industry in the Canaries grew rapidly after , with an accompanying increase in the number of hotels and government-run inns. Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the main ports of call during the peak tourist season, which falls between December and March. The Spanish government has encouraged investment in food-processing plants. The original inhabitants of the Canaries were the Guanches see Guanche and Canario ; now assimilated into the general population, they were a Berber people who were conquered by the Spanish in the 15th century.

During the 13th and 14th centuries Genoese, Majorcan, Portuguese, and French navigators visited the islands. Between and a Portuguese force subdued Gomera. Christopher Columbus replenished all four of his westbound fleets in the Canaries, which became an indispensable Spanish base on sea routes to the Americas. In Gen. Francisco Franco used the islands as the first base of the Nationalist revolt, going from there to Spanish Morocco.

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    See Article History. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The Canary Islands in the Atlantic are of volcanic origin and contain the highest peak on Spanish territory, Teide Peak, which rises to 12, feet 3, metres on the island of Tenerife.

    Both populations are thought to have been of Cro-Magnon origin and may possibly have come from central and southern Europe via northern Africa in some distant age. Both aboriginal…. History at your fingertips.