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Then the bat reveals a secret. They also learn new things about their mother—who remains in an enchanted sleep with their father. She enrolls at Queen's Castle University, while her friend Peder, who accompanies her, apprentices with a stone carver. But upheaval threatens. Sequel to Princess Academy DB Pegasus DB 12 hours 46 minutes by Robin McKinley read by Kristin Allison Princess Sylvi is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own pegasus, on her twelfth birthday, but the closeness of their bond is seen as a threat by the magicians.

Together, Sylvi and Ebon must bring great change to their nations. Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories DB 14 hours 35 minutes by John Flanagan read by Erik Sandvold In , an archeological dig unearths an ancient trunk containing manuscripts that confirm the existence of Araluen. The documents tell of rangers Will and Halt's first meeting and describe some of their previously unknown exploits.

Companion to Ranger's Apprentice series. For years Jacob does not share his discovery of a magical mirror that transports him to a warring world populated by witches, fairies, and dwarfs. But Will follows him there—with dire consequences.

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Once they are reunited, Jason and Rachel gather the free nations to fight the looming threat of emperor Maldor. The Silver Bowl DB 6 hours 31 minutes by Diane Stanley read by Nicola Daval A servant at the king's castle, Molly is promoted to polishing a large silver hand basin that shows and tells her about future events. This leads Molly and her friend Tobias on an adventure to keep Prince Alaric safe from a curse on the royal family. Terence's concerns grow when troubles in the empire of Arthur's friend Alexander send both Terence and Mordred east, to Constantinople.

Stravaganza: City of Ships DB 9 hours 21 minutes by Mary Hoffman read by Gabriella Cavallero Time traveler Isabel, feeling inferior to her twin brother Charlie, visits a parallel world that resembles an Italian Renaissance city-state. Isabel and her friend Flavia try to save the city from attack by the Gate people. In "My Swan Sister" by Katherine Vaz, eleven-year-old Jessica anxiously knits a sweater for her newborn sister, called "our little swan" by their mother. A Tale Dark and Grimm DB 5 hours 9 minutes by Adam Gidwitz read by Guy Williams Hansel and Gretel walk out of their own story and into further adventures in a magical and terrifying world, where they encounter wicked witches, kindly strangers, and a dragon.

Sometimes the brother and sister fail and sometimes they succeed. Michael McCullough The thirteenth daughter of a king who desperately wanted sons, Zita was banished at birth to the palace kitchen. When she notices the worn-out dancing slippers and mysterious illness of her twelve older sisters, Zita follows them to discover the cause. Tuesdays at the Castle DB 5 hours 52 minutes by Jessica Day George read by Eva Wilhelm Eleven-year-old Princess Celie lives with her family at Castle Glower, where on Tuesdays, the living stone structure usually would add rooms, stairways, or secret passages.

But when tragedy strikes, the castle and Celie work together to protect their home and save the kingdom. Barron read by Mark Delgado The dragon Basilgarrad leads the ultimate battle to save the land of Avalon. He must also decide whether to obey his dear friend Merlin's request—even though it means giving up his powers as a warrior.

During their training as warriors they have many adventures, learn a shocking secret, and discover their true destiny. Complete series of six books. They chronicle the Clan's move to a new home in response to their ancestors' prophecies of a mysterious destiny and grave danger. The fairy realm T'ir na n'Og finds itself overrun with refugees, thanks in part to a warlord—who happens to be a member of the Liddy family. A mysterious parcel arrives announcing the Spoffard family's inheritance of a house from a long-deceased relative.

Shortly after they move in, eleven-year-old twins Oz and Lily are recruited to work for the government by the residence's invisible cat and talking rat. She ventures into the forbidden Impassable Wilderness—a dangerous and magical forest at the edge of Portland, Oregon—and soon finds herself involved in a war among the various inhabitants.

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. After a tornado carries him to a dreary and colorless land, he finds an amazing library. There he learns that the books need him as much as he needs them. Falsely accused of plotting to overthrow King Claudio, scholarly Mangus the magician, from Midnight Magic BR, Volume 1 Midnight Magic , Volume 2 Midnight Magic , and his street-smart servant boy Fabrizio face deadly consequences unless they can track down the real traitor by the stroke of midnight.

The Odious Ogre BR by Norton Juster 1 volume Once there was an extremely disagreeable ogre who went about the countryside eating the villagers. He considered himself invincible.

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One day on a walk, he met a kind and generous girl who was not afraid of him. Then came some surprising results. Abbott Thibb and his Redwallers must defend their home with the help of the Long Patrol hares and the Rogue Crew of sea otters. In the title story Norato, a male snake born to a human mother, asks a medicine man about the way to become a young man. Greek Myths BR retold by Ann Turnbull 1 volume Sixteen retold myths of nature, monsters, heroes, and struggles between gods and mortals.

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Young Zeus BR by G. Brian Karas 1 volume Tells how the young god Zeus—with a little help from six monsters, five gods his brothers and sisters , his mother, and an enchanted she-goat—became god of gods, master of lightning and thunder, and ruler over all. Adaptation of a Greek myth. But when she hears that her classmate Isabel's apartment was destroyed by fire, Dyamonde sorts through her own clothes and starts a clothing drive to help Isabel's family. His fears multiply. Erin is about to gain two new stepsisters and needs Cinderella's advice.

Meanwhile, Cinderella's former friend tries to prevent her from getting the lead in a tap recital. Her mom wants to be a lead singer, while Foster dreams of becoming a famous TV chef—and of mastering reading, despite her learning disability. Draper read by Jill Fox As part of a school assignment, Sassy explores recipes and hosts a dinner party for her fourth grade class—including Lillian, a lonely new girl.

But there are a few mishaps along the way. But when Allie is invited to Brittany's birthday party that same day—a celebration that includes riding in a limo, going to Glitterati, and eating at the Cheese Factory—Allie breaks her rule about lying. But the boy, Finn, saunters off, leaving the girls determined to learn more about him.

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Meanwhile, across an ocean Mrs. Kavanagh calmly plots revenge. They quickly realize they made a terrible mistake when they are cast as squids in their first recital. Ivy and Bean: What's the Big Idea? Book 7 DB 1 hour 12 minutes by Annie Barrows read by Jill Fox When all the second-grade students must enter projects in the science fair, which has global warming as its theme, best friends Ivy and Bean team up to create an unusual experiment.

When seventh-grader Georges moves from a house to an apartment, he meets twelve-year-old Safer, a self-appointed spy. Since Georges gets bullied at school and his family struggles, he decides to give spying a chance.

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But will the boys take it too far? But when she makes friends with Free—another new student at school—Dyamonde finally starts to feel at home. Suddenly she is part of the social elite. But when Thom moves to California, Madeleine fears for both their relationship and her status. Putter and Tabby Spill the Beans DB 0 hours 12 minutes by Cynthia Rylant read by Richard Magesis A class on how to cook beans one hundred different ways doesn't quite work out as planned. As Mr. Putter suspected, Zeke—Mrs. Teaberry's dog—has trouble staying quietly under a classroom table that's loaded with beans. Seven short chapters.

Dyamonde encourages new classmate Damaris to write about her personal experiences with homelessness for the contest. Damaris's poem makes Free and Dyamonde rethink what it means to be rich or poor. That changes when she finds a way to get the graphing calculator she desires by helping three classmates who also have interfering parents.

Martin read by Madelyn Buzzard Stoneybrook, Connecticut. During the summer before their seventh-grade year, Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey tackle difficulties that include family problems, crushes, moving, and making new friends.

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"Angels and Quilt Pieces . . .Our Journey with a Katrina Family"

By the end of that summer, the girls unite to form the Baby-Sitters Club. Things look better for Andy after he meets local piano prodigy Laura, who uses a wheelchair but can beat Andy at bowling. Stuffed StingRay arrives as a birthday gift but feels unwelcome by the stuffed walrus, Bobby Dot. Excited, they arrive at a white house with a swimming pool and then plan a big sleep-out in a tent with their dads. Mo Wren's beloved neighborhood on Fox Street holds memories of her mother and of summer visits with her best friend Mercedes from Cincinnati. So when a land developer offers to buy her father's house, Mo fears losing everything.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey falls for new girl Lindsey. Meanwhile Mole finds a new use for an old tire to surprise Mouse. Four-chapter beginning reader. But the real fun is hanging out together—blowing up the air mattress, eating banana waffles, playing video games, and making penguins.