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I plan to return to Brazil later this year to be with her and my many friends there. Dear sirs; I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions about a few experiences I recently had in Brazil. I'm into physical fitness and am very muscular with a shaved head, just to give some perspective to some harassment I encountered in Bom Fim, Boa Vista and especially in Manaus. I have always been in love with the culture, music and geography of Brazil, so I finally took a trip there to see the country of my dreams.

Unfortunately, right from the get go, there were problems. I'll concentrate on Manaus but my difficulties occurred elsewhere also. I noted that the people were not very friendly and in general seemed to be hostile and crude in behavior. They would look me up and down, particularly at my Timberland boots, then I started hearing the term "Americano puta " and the word " puta " directed at me.

There were American whites and European whites in my vicinity but I alone was the target of these words. I'm familiar with Spanish so I reacted with anger to what I thought to be extremely derogatory comments. I'm not a whore, slut. This nonsense persisted during my entire stay in Brazil to the point where I got fed up and cut short my trip there.

I did nothing wrong, got into no disputes with anyone and bothered nobody. I was simply a well behaved black tourist looking forward to a dream vacation in Brazil. People also seemed to be envious, obnoxious they would even laugh at me and in general not very helpful or nice. Maybe I misunderstood the puta thing, which you might be able to enlighten me on, but I don't think so; the words were used with great contempt.

What happened here, what did I do to deserve this treatment, what kind of a culture is this in which people call a man an American slut without any reason for doing so? This nastiness was also dished out when they saw me with beautiful Brazilian women. There seemed to be great resentment of my being with their women. I will be going to Salvador in November and I pray to God that the Afro-Brazilians do not behave like this, that would indeed be the end of my love affair with Brazil.

Please, if you can, enlighten me as to what the problem was in these areas of Brazil, maybe I was wrong and this was not a big deal. I did meet some very nice people so the trip was not a total disaster. What exactly does the term "Americano puta " mean when directed at a man? Do you have any material, newspaper or picture, to send me? I have site about her www. Cinxia Brazil Bad Portuguese?

From what I understood in the article published by Brazzil , Portuguese people think that the Portuguese spoken in Brasil is incorrect. But the article also says that it is okay, because Brazilians have established their own language so to speak. Right now I am learning Brazilian Portuguese. Is that a problem for me? Or no? Via Internet Of Sounds and Words While searching for music by the Jobims, I discovered Elis Regina on the Internet a few months ago, and was captivated by her beautiful voice and style. Wishing to know more about her career and perhaps find a picture of her, I initiated a search, today, and found a few articles, including the Brazzil article, about her.

I was just a trifle surprised to learn that she was only 13 years younger than I, and distressed to learn that she died 20 years ago in such a stupid manner; i. Such a waste of wonderful talent. About Brazzil: I believe your magazine does a great service, particularly to Americans, who know so little about this beautiful country and its language Portuguese.

Wishing you great success. Where shall I send it?

Hinos (1990), 2015 Edition

Loretta E. Anshutz davenlorrie earthlink. I have written some articles about my trips to Brazil as I am a missionary who has traveled there twice and I will be traveling there a third time June 26th.

So I'm so excited, I will be sending you the articles I wrote soon. I want to re-write them first now that I know there is a place that would be interested in them. Take care and keep up the wonderful work! Kim R.

Good work, Roberto! You really have an outstanding site. I'm an English teacher here in Brazil and I've shown your web address to my students so that they can be in contact with English even when they are not at school. Especially when the subject is about our country Brazil. The free sample issue will help me with my research.


In particular, I am interested in information on current trends in music, cuisine and the kinds of art produced in the country. Thanks for your help. Great web site. Please send me a free copy of your magazine.

A Liahona (Portuguese) (1948–Present)

I am very interested in anything Brazilian and would like to find a job that was connected to the support of Brazilian topics in any shape or form. A place located in the Bay Area to be more specific. Justin Chin jutx2 hotmail. I have this picture on an old LP record. It's stuffed down somewhere at home. If you don't have the picture I can scan it for you.

Cartas por la vida en la Tierra

I also invite you to visit our website www. Now I'm devoting my time to promote the musicians playing here in Brazil. I am currently living in Recife, state of Pernambuco with my husband. He works for an international company and we will be here for the next 16 months. Would like to meet other English speaking people in the area.

Any suggestions? Kim Barrile Kimbarrile aol. We are very interested in obtaining plans, drawings, photos, designs of the Brazilian jangadas and would appreciate any assistance you may offer. She knows English I would say about percent while I don't know Portuguese.

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We are both married but are planning to get divorced and somehow be together here or there. She is there a civil engineer and if she decides to come to live here how can she continue to be an engineer here also. What are the general or specific steps. Maybe you know people or places that you can recommend to me and I can pass that information to her. Also, do you know the general steps of getting divorced in Brazil, I hear it's not as easy as it is in the U.

It takes supposedly longer; like maybe 1 to 2 years. Maybe you can recommend some good lawyer in Sao Paulo possibly. I would be very grateful to any information anyone can give me. We are both needing many answers as you can see or imagine. However, I would enjoy it even more if you would care to explain to me how to shut off the music. I don't want to hear that every time I click into the forum, refresh the page, or change pages.

I am using Windows XP Home version, if that matters. I cannot for the life of me find a button to shut off the music.

Avaaz - Duque - Letters for Life On Earth

The stop button in the IE browser does not shut it off either. Again, how can I shut it off?

Turning off my sound is not a viable solution either since I need it on for other things. Orfeu Negro! But I want the text of this music! Do you probably have got I am doing a search but unfortunately I've found nothing! Silene Xuxudj xuxudj terra. Looks great. However, the subscription form is not encrypted. What is my best option? Make a call, or hunt down newsvendor in my area.

Do you know if you have carriers of Brazzil in greater Phoenix, Arizona metro area? But it was never shown in this area. From the previews shown, I would like to have seen it. I could get no info from the TV station. The title was "Fever". I would like to purchase it on videotape if possible, but I can't find any trace of it. Have you ever heard of this movie?