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Eat a bolinho de bacalhau at the Municipal Market after a late night out. Walk through the Botanical Garden. Enjoy the poetry and romanticism of Penedo da Saudade. Have a pic-nic at Parque Verde. Drink a beer with your right hand. Organise a party at your house. Go to a Jantar de Curso of your university. Organise an all-you-can-eat dinner for 10 at a downtown restaurant. Go jogging in Choupal. Ask a Portuguese student to take a picture with his Harry Potter style cape.

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Live the best day of your life at Queima das Fitas parade. Join the Academic Traditions of Coimbra.

The Ultimate Lisbon Bucket List: Things To Do in Lisbon

Go to the beach at Figueira da Foz. Enjoy the wonderful sunset of Serra da Boa Viagem. The facade is made with typical Portuguese tiles with saints images. Here you can see amazing views of the city and landscapes. You can also check out the sundial clock on the ground.

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During the night this bridge is illuminated. Around the old streets of the city centre there are a lot of modern and urban art on building walls such as paintings and sculptures.

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This is the most touristic place that you should visit! Serra da Estrela is the second highest mountain in Portugal and the nature involving it is simply amazing, here you have beautiful landscapes, rivers and parks that will take your breath away.

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During the Winter, Serra da Estrela is full of snow, allowing you to experiment winter sports such as snowboard and ski as well as playing on the snow. It presents information about the history of this type of industry due to the fact that it was the economic pillar of the city. Go to Lake Garden Jardim do Lago , take a swim in the pool and chill.

Have the best day of your life and participate in Latada Parade. Go to the cake factory after a party and eat a pastry. Taste some regional food at city center. Have a walk in Rectory Gardens, the most beautiful place in the University. Go for a walk around the mountain and have a barbecue with your friends. Participate in a Tunas Festival. Visit the Goldra Garden Jardim do Goldra , a modern garden. Go to the top of Serra da Estrela Torre.

Practice snowboard or ski at the summit of Serra da Estrela. Play with the snow at Serra da Estrela with your friends. Build a snowman in the snow. Taste Serra da Estrela cheese. Medieval castle, artistically and architectonically representative of the several construction and reconstruction phases since it started being built until the 20th Century. It was the location of several battles for its possession, which originated its re-building in by the King D. Sancho I and in , by the King D.

A pillar of development and entertainment of the city as well as its historical centre, this location was one of the first where the population that left the castle walls has settled to live near the river. This area would be later known as Rossio. Here you can see amazing views of The Leiria Museum is an open window to the memory of the city.

Its concept was born during the time of the Liberal Monarchy but its construction only started with the 1th November Decreet, which created the Regional Museum of Art, Archaeology and Numismatics of Leiria. At the request of D. In this public garden, one of the most important city events took place: The Bicentennial District Exhibition of , simultaneously with its Lisbon counterpart. One of the most iconic beaches of the Leiria district and the one where the biggest wave of the world has been surfed on. Bucket List Go to the door-to-door festival.

Visit the Sactuary of Miracles.

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Taste the broas de batata doce. Go to the Castle walls. Walk along the river. Spend an afternoon at a terrace on the Rodrigues Lobo Square. Visit the Leiria Football Stadium. Go to Terreiro at night. Take a picture on the windows of the Leiria Castle. Visit the Ervideira Lagoon. Go to the Santana Market. Go up the aeroplane that is located at the City Park. Visit the Monte Real hot springs. Go to the May fair. Go to Vale do Lapedo. Visit the Crime do Padre Amaro route.

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Visit the River Lis springs. Visit the Escritores route. Here are represented several architectural styles from the History of Portugal, including its biggest example from the Manuelino style, unique in Portugal: The oldest sinagogue in Portugal and the only surviving renaissance example. A forest and park planted by the Order of Christ, with several pedestrian routes, recreation areas, and monkish monuments. One of the oldest factories in Portugal, transformed in a temporary exhibition venue. Close to the city, one of the largest aqueducts in Portugal.

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